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Chhavi Sharma is a name to reckon with today. She is one of the finest Vastu Shastra expert today in the country. With her commendable foresight she offers personalised solutions and has helped many of her clients in sailing smooth through troubled times. Her USP is her knowledge and understanding of the Vasu Shastra, a legacy she was gifted by her late grandfather Pandit Kedarnath Misra – a learned Astropalmist and Vastu Shastra.

About Vastu

You may have the finest of drawings, most expensive architecture with costliest furniture and fixtures in your luxurious home or office. But if you have not placed them in right direction, then it might just be a mere piece blocking or distracting flow of positive energy.

A proper and detailed Vastu guidance can spell wonders. This is what I strive for when clients approach me with their problems. I work on building the secret ingredients for your premises. To ensure that right analysis is done, I visit the site personally and don’t send my assistants. As an expert, I know where to look for and what to look for. Therefore, I offer personalised guidance and services to all my clients.

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